Qubit Pool 0 MH/s
Shares:  53,659 (3.38%)
Invalids:  0 (0.00%) · 1.2 k (2.12%)
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Pool:  325h 59m (9217998)
Network:  25s (9296334)
Users:  0
Workers:  0
DGB/BTC:  0.00000087

Blocks Statistics

 Green  is good luck. Lower Diff% and brighter green is better luck.
 100%  is expected average.  Red  is bad luck. Higher Diff% and brighter red is worse luck.
NetDiff*, Diff%* - based on network difficulty at the moment when Block was found.

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Orphans/Rejects count as shares but not as a block in calculations
#HeightBlock RewardWhen UTCStatusDiffNetDiff*Diff%*CDFB
29217998658.211234672019‑08‑09 08:13:17Matured356,0991,461,43324.366%0.2161
19217918658.211234312019‑08‑09 07:54:52Matured540,8231,444,30437.445%0.3122

22nd Aug 22:12:04 UTC sync: 0